About Glacier Gorge Music

Glacier Gorge Music has but one "employee", and that's Tom Farber, the sole proprietor and creator of the music.  Though born and raised in the United States, Tom is not himself a Native American.

About the Music

Tom's music is focused on the Native American Style Flute ("NAF" or "NASF").  The first album, "Fluting in the Rockies",  features almost exclusively NASF, with one piece featuring a clay triple flute.  The NASF is always the featured instrument, backed by different sounds, textures, and instruments of various kinds.  All songs composed, arranged, performed, recorded and produced by Tom Farber.

Future recordings are planned to include rim-blown flutes, such Pueblo Style flutes, and some that are tuned to unique scales.

All compositions are registered with ASCAP and
Copyrighted with the Library of Congress.

Tom Farber · Fluting in the Rockies